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My name is Gabrielle Queen, and I am the owner of VICEROY HAUS. I created this company to showcase the greatness of artistic beauty through different communities using art, music, and vintage. My curiosity for the ways art can be expressed has come somewhat naturally from studying fine arts in college, art history in Europe, and being a long-time abstract artist myself.


At VICEROY HAUS my goal is to bring light to art in a wide array of forms such as photography, prints, physical sculpture, books, and paintings. Reaching out to artists across the country, I hope to build a community of artists that meaningfully create unapologetically. My curation style varies, but I vow to always strive towards offering all forms of inclusive artistic creation.


Music to most means everything, from day-to-day life or emotional connections. Music means everything to me as well, and I wanted to bring that communal unity of music to VICEROY HAUS. Working with artists in various sectors of the music industry and being a fan of all genres, I wish to incorporate music with environmentally immersive experiences. Soon will come pop-up shows and events where art and music can be enjoyed to the fullest.


When I was young, I occasionally spent time at antique stores with my grandmothers, learning about the decades of various changing interior styles. I believe our home environments shape us and what we decide to put in them can speak about a person. With inspiration from around the world in many eras of history, there is something beautiful about vintage furniture and the artistry behind it.